Sterling Silver Plated Round Pearl Dangle Earrings In For Women &Girls (Size: 8.8-9.8Mm)


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Sterling Silver Plated Round Pearl Dangle Earrings In For Women &Girls (Size: 8.8-9.8Mm)

Hand Selected Aaa Quality Oblateness White Pearls. All Pearls Are Imported Directly From The Pearl Farms And We Describe All Real Pearls As It’S True Luster, Quality, Color & Cleanliness. This Dangle Earrings Are Accompanied By A Genuine Cultured Pearl .

Materials: 2 Pcs In Size Of 8.8-9.8 Mm Oblateness, Sterling Silver Plated Brass.

These Beautiful And Classic White Pearl Dangle Earrings Is A Staple Of Exquisite Pearl Earrings And Is Sure To Be A Favorite For Years To Come. These Pearl Earrings Are Aaa In Quality With Very High Levels Of Luster.

Perfect Gift – Come With Cute Pouch, Ideal Gifts For Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Anniversary Day, Christmas Gift And Birthday To Your Girlfriend, Wife And Mom And Daughter And Ourselves

60 Day Money Back – To Your Complete And Total Satisfaction, We Offer Our Customers A 60-Day Return Policy. Please Feel Free To Contact Our Customer Service Anytime If You Feel Unsatisfied Or Confused.

How To Tell A Pearl Is Real?1>Check Whether The Pearls Are Perfectly Round. Real Pearls Are Rarely “Perfect”. Usually, They’Ll Have Small Blemishes Or Irregularities In Their Shape. Imitation Pearls Look Perfectly Spherical, Show No Indents Or Imperfections. It Is Possible For Real Pearls To Be Perfectly Round. However, Examples Of These Are Very Rare And Usually Fetch A Very High Price.2>Rub The Pearls Against Each Other. Feel For The Slight Sensation Of Friction. Real Pearls Will Usually Generate A Little Friction When They Rub Against Each Other Because Their Outer Layers Of Nacre Are Not Perfectly Smooth. Fake Pearls, On The Other Hand, Often Have Smooth Coatings And Will Usually Glide Past Each Other When Rubbed Together. If You Notice A Fine, Powdery, White Residue After Rubbing Your Pearls, This Is Probably Powdered Nacre – A Sign That The Pearls Are Real.3> Feel The Weight Of The Pearl In Your Hand. Most Real Pearls Feel Somewhat Heavy For Their Size. On The Other Hand, Fakes (Especially Plastic Pearls) Will Have A Light, Insubstantial Feel.How To Take Care Your Real Pearls?-Only Use Jewelry Cleaners Labeled As Safe For Pearls.-Never Steam-Clean Pearls.-Never Use (Or Expose Pearls) To Dish Or Wash Detergents, Bleaches, Powdered Cleansers, Baking Soda, Or Ammonia-Based Cleaners (Like Windex).-Never Use Toothbrushes, Scouring Pads Or Abrasive Materials To Clean Pearls.-Do Not Wear Pearls When Their String Is Wet. Wet Strings Stretch And Attract Dirt, Which Is Hard To Remove.-Do Not Hang Pearls To Dry.-Take Your Pearls Off When Applying Cosmetics, Hair Spray, And Perfume, Or When Showering Or Swimming.-Avoid Wearing Pearls With Rough Fabrics Like Shetland Wool.-Always Store Your Pearls Wrapped In A Soft Cloth Or Pouch And Protected From All Abrasive Objects.